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Established in 1964, Flawless Upholstery has spent over five decades providing signature upholstery services to customers in Musselburgh, Edinburgh and the Lothians. This has made us one of the leading upholstery companies in the country, with a dedicated group of highly trained specialists that are capable of working on almost every type of upholstery project. We have developed a unique and enviable combination of experience, expertise and enthusiasm for the upholstery industry. This helps us to deliver the very best results on each project, whether a quick repair on loose covers or a complex restoration of antique furniture. So whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, we are the furniture repair and upholstery specialists.

Over the many decades, our Musselburgh upholsterers have become renowned for their fabric repair and restoration services, always delivering a combination of the best results and quality customer service. We are proud to count on many customers across Musselburgh, Edinburgh and the wider regions who come back to us time and again. They trust us to repair and restore their family heirlooms, modern furniture and specialist fabrics. We repay this commitment and support and understand how important it is to continue delivering the highest levels of service here at Flawless Upholstery.

We will only ever send one of our experts to visit your home and inspect your furniture, never a salesman! Our team are here to provide clear, honest guidance to each customer, aiming to offer the best solution based on the customer's needs and not according to our own agenda. Our customers expect this approach from Flawless Upholstery and we will never change. At every stage of the furniture repair process, from the initial call through to upholstery work and into after-care we aim to deliver support that leads to a long-term, effective solution. One aspect of our service that customers love is our workshop visit that every customer can take advantage of. You can visit and see how much care and attention our upholsterers put into your item of furniture, as well as ask all the questions you need to trust in the work we are doing.

You will love the results we deliver and we are so confident that we offer a full guarantee as part of every project, for every customer. This means that if you ask us to help restore your antique furniture, repair some loose covers on a sofa or complete some French Polishing, then you will get the same care and attention every time. So why not get in touch and speak to one of our upholsterers today!

Please note that for all customers over 60 years of age, whether in Musselburgh, Edinburgh or the rest of Scotland we provide a discount on all services.

Who We Are
Our signature upholstery services

We are proud to offer a full range of signature upholstery services for customers across Musselburgh, Edinburgh and the Lothians. This covers all types of furniture, fabric and materials for both domestic and commercial customers. Please see below for some more information about the services we offer to both sectors.


It may be that you have a busy family home and those leather sofas are suffering from the wear and tear of daily life. Equally, you may have a wonderful antique family heirloom that has been passed down through the generations. Each and every service we provide is a specialist service requiring a combination of modern technology, traditional skills and a commitment from the team. Our expert upholsterers are confident and experienced in working with all types of fabrics, as well as leather and wood so take advantage of our free n0-obligation quotation today and tell us how we can help.


The Flawless Upholstery team have collaborated with commercial customers in Musselburgh, from all industries. You may well walk down the street and notice some of our repairs in a local restaurant, or have worked in an office that has used our services to have some furniture upholstered. Our upholsterers can do it all and if you're working on a new build then our team are happy to work with your designers or architects to develop a detailed brief. Your company will also be welcome to visit and review work as it progresses in our workshop.


About Flawless Upholstery Musselburgh

Our family-run business based in Musselburgh was established in 1964 and has been known for its excellent results and customer care ever since. Having operated for over 50 years means we have worked on almost every project you could imagine, from customers nearby needing a sofa reupholstered through to larger commercial clients across Scotland. We welcome both existing customers and new customers all of the time, so no matter what your requirements are, what your location is or how many chairs you have, get in touch by phone or email today.

Why choose Flawless Upholstery?

It can be difficult to choose a service provider or brand from the many available, no matter how much you search. However, we believe a customer deserves the very best service that includes professional results, caring support and trustworthy advice and that is why we deliver this commitment every time. We also stand out from the crowd by inviting every customer to visit the Flawless Upholstery workshop to see our team in action. This is all part of the service and price we quote, with no nasty surprises further down the line.

With over five decades of experience and expertise, our professionals appreciate how vital it is for customers to receive honest, clear advice on all services we provide. This is why we offer a site visit for every customer after the initial phone call. Our Musselburgh experts will provide impartial guidance, along with evidence and examples of the services available. This also means you will be shown a full range of fabrics and leather options that we use in our services. We want you to take advantage of these opportunities to ask as many questions as you need to feel confident we are the right service for you. We are here to serve, so dial our number today and tell us about your priceless antique, family furniture or special project in need to help.

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