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Flawless Upholstery is a family-run business that has been supporting customers in Falkirk, Central Scotland and the rest of the country since 1964. For more than 50 years we have been providing quality bespoke upholstery services including French Polishing, furniture repair, cleaning, fabric and leather replacements and bespoke services. Every member of our team is an industry expert with many years of experience, combined with a passion and dedication for delivering the very best results for our customers. It is this unique combination that makes us one of the leading furniture restoration and bespoke upholsterers in Scotland.

The majority of our customers continue to return to us time and again over a period of years. This may be to regularly repair and restore family heirlooms, work on newly discovered antique furniture or simply to clean and repair modern furniture that gets worn down by the day-to-day life of a busy family. It is this commitment from our customers that is a reward for the hard work and time Flawless Upholstery has put into building the very best reputation. The highly positive reviews and feedback from our customers can be seen online, as well as an image of their furniture and reinforce our message of quality and customer care.

It is our commitment that wherever possible we will visit a customer to inspect the item of furniture in question, taking the time to inspect and discuss the bespoke upholstery requirements. We will only send one of our furniture repair and furniture restoration experts, so you can trust that they know their craft and will deliver detailed advice that you can understand. We will maintain a professional and respectful manner in all of our interactions with customers, from the very start all the way through the repair process and into our comprehensive after-sales service. All of this leads to a much better quality of service and increases the lifespan of the customer's furniture.

Our passion for the world of bespoke upholstery is not simply limited to the products we use or the specialists we employ. We actively encourage our customers to visit our local workshop to see the repairs and restoration of their furniture in progress. This transparent and engaging approach to our services means each customer becomes part of the process and provides the opportunity to ask questions.

When we complete a project, whether it is simple furniture repair, French Polishing or a complex bespoke upholstery service, we provide a full guarantee to go with it. This covers both commercial and domestic customers, all materials including leather repairs, fabric and wood, as well as sofas, chairs, tables and soft furnishings. Upholstery is a complex job that requires specialists like Flawless Upholstery, so if you want to find out more then call us or send a message today and see how we can help you.

We are pleased to offer a discount on our furniture repair and upholstery services to customers over the age of 60, whether in the local Falkirk area, wider Central Scotland region or major cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Who We Are
Expert upholsterers for over 50 years

We have worked on upholstery projects of all shapes and sizes since we were established as a family-run company in 1964. It may be a much-loved family heirloom, priceless antique or simply a leather sofa that has suffered from the wear and tear of daily life in a family home - we have delivered results time and again for our happy customers. This level of expertise and experience means we are perfectly placed to help both new and existing customers with their upholstery needs. If you're searching for expert upholsterers in Falkirk, Central Scotland, Edinburgh or the wider regions then look no further and message us today.

Flawless Upholstery is so grateful and proud that customers return to us regularly over many years, often more than 20 years, as their chosen upholsterers. This makes all of the time and energy we put into our work over the years all the more worth it and is certainly a price worth paying.


Why you should choose Flawless Upholstery Falkirk for your furniture restoration

Every member of the Flawless Upholstery team is committed to ensuring every customer, whether domestic or commercial receive the very highest level of service. It is through this commitment that customers can trust us with their possession and know they will be treated with respect and professionalism at every stage. Living by these values is what makes us stand out from other upholsterers around the United Kingdom.

We embrace an open-door policy at our workshop so that every customer has the option of visiting our workshop whilst their repairs are in progress. Maybe you have some leather furniture to be cleaned, bespoke upholstery, furniture repairs or specialist antique services? Whatever the project, you can watch just how carefully we treat your treasured possessions.

In essence, we are one of the most experienced upholstery specialists in the business with more than five decades of experience being the upholsterers of choice to customers across Scotland. When you speak to us, you get a free, no-obligation consultation which will include a site visit by one of our upholsterers whenever possible.

Call our upholstery furniture repair experts today and tell us about your upholstery requirements!

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