Bespoke Foam Cushions in Edinburgh
Upgrade your old cushions with seat foam replacement
Upgrade your old cushions with seat foam replacement
Our sofa cushion foam is designed with the ultimate comfort and durability in mind and offers an exceptional replacement for your old and used cushions. Here at Flawless Upholstery, we can create bespoke foam cushions to fit your exact requirements and we’re proud to serve customers across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife. Choose from soft, medium or hard cushions, depending on your preference.

We can also tailor cushions specifically to you if you have any medical needs, and take into account factors such as body weight to ensure you have the most comfortable cushions possible.
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Do I need to replace my furniture foam padding?
There’s no standard shelf life for cushion foam, it will depend on the age of your furniture and how often it’s used. However, we recommend replacing your cushion foam after approximately five years, or sooner if you notice significant wear and tear. Look out for worn rounded front edges and pay attention to how comfortable your cushions are - are they giving you the support you need? If the answer is no, then it’s time to look into seat foam replacement.
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Do I need to replace my furniture foam padding?
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Replacing sofa seat cushion foam
When it comes to replacing your foam cushion, we believe that the foam generally needs to be larger than the cushion cover itself. This means that when we fit the foam into the cushion casing, it will become compact and snug, which, in turn, will fill the cushion cover out nicely as the foam begins to settle. If the foam cushion is smaller than the cushion cover, then the cover will begin to wrinkle and lose its shape when used. However, if the foam cushion is too big – this may strain the cushion cover and the zip, resulting in a cushion that doesn’t look right. To ensure the classic dome look is achieved, we generally keep the foam 1 inch larger in length, width and depth than the cushion cover.
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